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Ramsey, MN  55303
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About Us

When it comes to indexable tooling, Chips Tool Repair employs the best machinists in the business. With more than 170 years of combined experience, you can trust that your tooling is in excellent hands.


Every tool at Chips Tool Repair follows a custom-tailored quality control program. This ensures that each and every product meets the specific and robust guidelines of all tool manufacturers. Our internal quality program also includes individual inspection procedures that guarantee each tool will work the way it should… the first time and every time.


Our Company

It all started in a garage.


15 years ago, veteran machinist Todd Anderson launched Chips Tool Repair from his home garage in Minnesota. People often ask, “Who is Chip?” Sorry, there is no Chip! Todd was inspired by all the tools that make chips. He sought a name that was synonymous with all machining operations. Since then, Todd has created a large and versatile machine shop filled with an experienced staff that can design, build and repair virtually any product with quality and speed.


Like many of the nation’s industry leaders, Chips Tool repair began in a garage, but it quickly expanded into a fully-equipped machine shop. Chips Tool Repair strives to be the best through ongoing education and the most up-to-date equipment. This allows the company to produce quality products in a timely manner for every valued customer.


Our Founder

The man at the center of Chips Tool Repair is “hands on machinist,” Todd Anderson.


Todd first set foot in a machine shop in his early twenties. As Todd likes to say, he spent nearly two decades “climbing all over machines, trying to make them work.” He machined parts in a high-production facility, built dozens of new machines from the ground up, became a training coordinator for hundreds of employees, and earned prestigious quality recognition honors before setting out to start his own company, Chips Tool Repair.


He brings decades of leadership and tooling expertise to each and every job as he personally oversees all work that passes through the company doors every day.